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  Whitening cosmetic additives月博手机登录网址二维码客户端
月博手机登录网址官方官网Hydroxybenzene compounds
           Raspberry ketone glucoside
       月博手机登录网址网址Kojic acid compounds
           Kojic acid
           Kojic acid dipalmitate
月博首页会员手机登录网址Vitamin C derivatives
           Ascorbyl glucoside
           3-O-Ethyl ascorbic acid
           Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
  Cosmetic preservatives月博手机登录网址网址安卓
  Carbohydrate  products月博手机登录网址网址
           Sucrose octaacetate
  Other productsts月博手机登录网址app地址
           Sodium acetate


Research and Development

Hubei Artec Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. R & D center focused on the research of the development and utilization of the biologically active carbohydrate and cosmetic additives by chemical synthesis, bio-enzyme technology and natural product extraction technology. The R & D center have now one professor (Ph.D. supervisor), three doctors, two Master, and three undergraduates, and posses two synthetic laboratory, a biochemical laboratory, two pilot workshop, and a variety of analytical testing equipment. This column will frequently report our study.


      Monobenzone production this month, far more than the USP quality standards.    -- January 5, 2014

       Warm congratulations Hubei Artec passed ISO9001 certification.


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